Please Don’t Tell Me To Chill

There is a process that has to happen here folks. Let it happen naturally.

Without a doubt, this has been the most emotionally charged election in recent history. As those of us who consider ourselves left of center watched, at first incredulously, and then in horror, as Donald Trump continued his ascension up the ladder toward the nomination for the Republican candidacy, we have months, years even, of emotional energy invested in this race.  The process of grappling with the shocking win on Tuesday November 8th may take as long as the ramp up did, if not longer.

For many of us whom opposed Trump, it would take 10 blog posts to explain in detail the reasons why. Yes, there are the tangibles like his courting of the alt-right, his hateful theoretic, his incitement to violence at his rallies, is refusal to quickly disavow the Klan, his desire to round up and deport immigrants, the banning of Muslims, you name it.  But there is so much more than that. The intangibles, like his inability to focus, to answer questions, to handle criticism like a leader, his sheer lack of curiosity about the world around him, the list goes on.

For us, for the #NeverTrump folks, this was about so much more than an election. It was about the future of human decency. 

Perhaps we saw what you couldn’t, or wouldnt, see.

  • Perhaps we saw blatant misogyny and condoning sexual assault where you only see “locker room talk”.
  • Perhaps we saw dog whistles in nearly everything he did, from retweeting white supremacists, to talking about “2nd amendment folks”, to his anti-Semitic closing argument ad video, where you just saw #MAGA.
  • Perhaps we searched with much futility for some semblance of detail where you were satisfied by meme-level rally chants.  “CNN Sucks” and “Build That Wall!” is hardly a nuanced argument for anything, and by the looks of it, all he ever served up were applause lines.

It really makes me wonder if you, the Trump voters, think there is anyone who is not qualified to be the leader of the free world. I mean, now we have a zero-experience, thin-skinned serial liar who has threatened to ban a whole religion, deport 11 million people, who can’t answer policy questions, is clueless about the Constitution, ridicules handicapped people, routinely disparages veterans and the military, is an admitted philanderer, brags about sexual assault, and is in bed with Vladimir Putin. Is there anyone less qualified? And if so, would you vote for him or her? Seems like maybe you would.

So, you’ll forgive me, and the rest of us who are processing this national abortion. I have seen so many social media posts admonishing us to “get over it”.  Give me a break. You’ve given your 7-year-old longer to grieve the loss of their dead hamster.

So “get over it, and move on”? No. Screw you. I am not getting over shit.  I have Muslim friends. I have a wife and a daughter. I have a son who is gay. And I have a brain.  Hence, I will not get over it. I will simply recharge my batteries to start fighting even harder against this fear-mongering hateful fool. And before you admonish me to get behind the President, why don’t you go back and review some Mitch McConnell/GOP history and tell me how that works?

Whining? Nope. Advocacy for change.
Bitter? Nope. Determined.
Getting over it? Nope. Just the opposite.

I am just getting started.

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